Kendra has been a part of the beauty industry for nearly a decade and has a broad range of knowledge and skills in many fields such as cosmetology, sterilization, and tattooing. In those years she has obtained and excelled in customer service skills. Currently on a day to day basis Kendra works with people in determining, helping, designing and delivering the needs of both her repeat and new clients with complete honesty and professionalism as a contract tattoo artist. Being passionate about art from a very young age and being driven to help others, it was a natural progression to create AKA Studio with her business partners. Designing the ideal business plan, catering to people In Northern British Columbia by cutting time on wait lists and fees due to travel expenses, and offering services that help her clients feel whole again were some of the driving factors behind the creation of AKA Studio. They strive to be affordable and accommodating because feeling good about yourself should be an experience for all to be had.