Our Story

Years ago, when Kendra had started her career in the tattoo industry, she had a fellow artist’s client come in to have a scar covered up. Kendra had the opportunity to assist in the process. The woman had experienced a traumatic event that left her with a large jagged scar with staple marks down the face of her arm. Sitting down to hear her story, she told us how she had been tired of fighting with the constant reminder of what happened to her. The design was finished up and being placed to fit her scar that would finally put this experience behind her. When she saw her tattoo of a beautiful multi-coloured tree, she became overwhelmed with emotion. Kendra realized there were endless possibilities of how she could give back to others and the community. Since then, she has dedicated several years doing research on how she could help people with similar experiences to her client. She found that there were often lengthy wait lists and high costs associated with travel and accommodations on top of an already traumatic experience. In 2018 Kendra approached two amazing women who she felt would be a great fit; Alicia, our Skin Care Specialist, and Ana, our Laser Tattoo Removal Technician. We began extensive work on a business plan that would bring these services to the people of Northern BC, which would alleviate the stress and costs of wait lists and travelling long distance. Together they formed AKA Studio.


Laser Tattoo Removal Technician

Ana is new to the industry by trade, but incredibly knowledgeable and passionate. She found her new calling and has obtained certification as a Laser Tattoo Removal Technician. Ana is no stranger to the tattoo and beauty industry being Kendra‘s mother and best friend. Ana’s passion in AKA Studio is something she holds close to…

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Tattoo Specialist

Kendra has been a part of the beauty industry for nearly a decade and has a broad range of knowledge and skills in many fields such as cosmetology, sterilization, and tattooing. In those years she has obtained and excelled in customer service skills. Currently on a day to day basis Kendra works with people in…

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Skin Specialist

Before her career as a Skin Specialist, Alicia was a part of the hospitality industry for 8 years. In this time, she developed exceptional interpersonal skills from meeting and engaging with people from all over the country. Having always been passionate about helping others, she was drawn to the medical field. She pursued an education…

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What we believe

We believe everyone possesses a natural beauty that shouldn’t be masked but enhanced. Our services not only aim to enhance the natural beauty of our clients, but to also improve their well being. Some of our services are especially near and dear to our hearts. These services include scar camouflage, microneedling, and nipple/areola tattoos for those who have undergone mastectomy surgery. These treatments inspired us to give a percentage of profits to associations directly related to those treatments including the Canadian Mental Health Association, Canadian Cancer Society, and others. We will also be providing pro-bono services on a case by case basis for those who are not able to afford these services.